About Jazzy B.


“Makeup is Art, Beauty is Spirit”

Born and raised in Memphis, Jasmine B. Cook is also known as “Jazzy B”. Her love for art started as early as elementary school. She loved to draw and paint as her art was showcased at school and even art shows. It wasn’t until after high school around 2013 when she found a special love for makeup. With a lot of practice and a push from family and friends that supported her, Jazzy B found purpose and wholeness in her true passion which was enhancing the beauty and confidence of all women.
Jazzy B stepped out on faith and became a  full time freelance makeup artist in 2017. That same year she gained experience in photoshoot makeup with some of Memphis’ best photographers. Late 2017/early 2018 Jazzy B went beyond the brush & leaned towards learning eyelash extensions which tapped into a different type of confidence for women! If you can wake up and not have to put on makeup/ mascara, but your lashes were already on and all you had to do was GO? Oh yes, the game was changed! Eyelash extensions became Jazzy B’s most requested service by summertime 2018.
In November of 2018, Jazzy B decided to further her education entirely and she invested into what she loved to do so much and enrolled into Gould’s Academy as a full time student. May of 2019 Jazzy B graduated beauty school and became a licensed Esthetician.
Jazzy B’s artistry has graced an enormous group of women from makeup to eyelash extensions and is growing by the week. Beyond the brush, she also offers waxing services and she has recently ventured into Jazzy B Apparel (released on May 1, 2020) for the confident woman, the woman that is a BOSS and the woman that knows that she is BEAUTIFUL no matter what anyone says!
Jazzy B’s work has been featured Memphis Fashion Week 2018 & 2019. WeTv’s Growing Up Hip Hop (S3:Ep.6), SVP TV, just to name a few. She has also graced the faces of many brides, bridesmaids, prom babies and the woman that’s simply glamming and pampering herself for any occasion!
In 2020, Jazzy B has grown into a professional makeup artist since the beginning of her journey. The ultimate goal is to impact all women and to bridge together the harmony of her inner confidence with her outer beauty.